Cosmetics is a preparation usually applied to the face and all over the body. Cosmetics business is another business that is highly lucrative. Running a cosmetics products business is a good one, as almost everyone on the planet make use of different kind of cosmetic care product. This business has a lot of competition because of the high demand but still very fast moving and profitable.

Cosmetics products business does not require huge capital to start with, in this case, when you want to start small. Starting with cheap cosmetics products allows you to start small and grow gradually if you can’t start big. You know what, you can increase your business capacity gradually and be making your cool profit. Starting small means you can start this business with as low as N50,000 and frequent turnover of this amount in a month can give you twice your investment.

This means you will only sell to final users, it is a good deal, right. Likewise if you invest like N500,000 or more, frequent turnover can also give you 70% profit monthly. With this amount, you will be selling to final users directly but if you invest over N2,000,000 you can be an wholesaler. Depending on how much exactly you want to invest, you can also get profit worth 70% in return if you frequently turn the money over and over for months.

Cosmetics products business is really an interesting one, once you get that strategic location for your business, you just go ahead and start your business, and you will see yourself achieving success.

Cosmetics basically entails personal care products which includes toothpaste, bathing soap, and some deodorants while we have the beauty products as well, this includes face powder, lipstick, lip-gloss,  and other stuffs. I’m very sure you had your bath with soap this morning, you probably applied some deodorants and if you are a woman you must have applied a face powder, different types of facial make ups to enhance your look and other beauty products before setting out for the day.

Looking good and feeling good is a serious business. Everybody wants to look and feel good not minding what it cost to achieve that, this has actually made many smart entrepreneurs find themselves in this business. This article will open your eyes to this exciting and lucrative business opportunities and how you can make money from it. Just before you start your cosmetics products business, you need to know some facts on how to invest in this type of business and they are as follows:-

Different Use Of Cosmetic Products

In our everyday activities, it is pretty sure that the use of personal care products are necessary. They are usually used to bath, brush ones teeth, we also make use of different types of toiletries to perfect our appearance for the day. When we talk about cosmetics what comes to the mind of most people is the make up aspect. Meanwhile, cosmetics goes far more beyond make-ups. Toiletries are also included  in cosmetics.

Conscious  Appearance By Younger People

This will surely surprise you but it is the truth. Younger people even those who are in their pre-teen age are also conscious of how they  appear in their schools. Writing from experience now, my boy of eleven years old now uses roll on, body spray, hair cream, body cream and even white powder on a daily basis, the only one I restricted him from using is perfume that he can only use that when he is a grown man precisely when he starts making money.

Spending More to Look Good

My greatest amazement to this is that people of low profile, I mean low income earners also invest little out of what they earn to make sure they always look and feel good at all time. Also, the high profile people are not left out of the looking good idea.

Cosmetics is now obviously helping our personal hygiene, its use has become very important in our daily appearances. If you look, feel and smell good, you will be much appreciated by the people you come across everyday and vice-versa. So now you should not be surprised to know that  beauty products, skin care products and in general term cosmetics are the fastest selling items in the market all over the world. It is as important as food.

Different Cosmetic Products Smart Entrepreneurs Can Venture Into

We have discussed enough about demands for cosmetic products, you already know what the demand level is likely to be in the market, now you need to know more about  the various types of cosmetics.

Hair Care Product

This product can be divided into two basic aspects namely:

Hair Extension: This product has too many types, it could be the attachment or weave on which is usually attached to the hair to enhance ones’ look mostly used by females.

Hair care and Treatment: This include different types of hair cream, hair gloss, hair spray, relaxers, various types of hair treatment and so many others.

Skin Care Products

Our skin needs adequate care to make it look smooth and glow with utmost comfort, this products ranges among so many products like the bleaching cream, moisturizing cream, age defying, anti acne cream  and so many other skin care products just to mention a few. These are the number one fast selling cosmetic product.


This aspect is divided into three segments roll on, body spray and perfumes, all these are used to protect the body from emitting offensive odour leaving the body fresh and smelling good.

Personal Care And Toiletries

This aspect deals with those daily necessity that helps our daily and personal hygiene this products includes toilet papers, bathing soap, sanitary towel and so many more.

Make-Up Products

This is the second best selling cosmetic product now, especially among women. Every woman both old and young wants to enhance their beauty with the help of foundation, concealer, lip gloss, lip stick, mascara, eye-shadow and lots more. There are many recognized  producers of all these beauty products, some of them we know very well are: Oreke,  House of Tara, to list just a few. These are fastest growing beauty products manufacturers in Nigeria. Clinique, Mary Kay, Black Opal, and many other recognized brands internationally.

Things To Put In Place For Your Cosmetics Products Business

Your Start Up Capital

This is very important, although you can start cosmetic business small and then watch it grow to a big one but  before you start any business you must have an initial capital set aside  to run your business. Depending on how financially capable you are, you can start this business  on a very low scale  with as low as N50,000, on a medium scale you can start with N500,000 – N1 million, and on a large scale you can start with N10 – N20 million to any amount because prices of different products are not constant.

Business Location

We said earlier that even people with low profile patronize those selling cosmetics, this does not mean you should set your shop in an area where you alone can see yourself. You should rent a shop if you can’t afford to build one in a strategic location where you can be easily accessible. I mean busy environment where people go and pass around  every time.If you are able to get locations in a busy shopping complex very close to the general market, or close to corporate offices, in short a proper commercial location is the best place to set up this business. Always make yourself visible.

Make An Advertisement

How you advertise your product matters a lot, advertising is very important. This will make people know you and your products, if your advert is good enough people will begin to look for you wanting to patronize you because of your good advert. You can advertise your product through different social media, through the world wide web, through fliers, newspapers, advertising by simply telling neighbors, family, and friends.

How you beautifully display your goods is also another medium of advertising, if your goods are beautifully displayed, passersby would like to see what other things you have in stock and this would definitely be a way of patronizing your shop. Always remember, advertising your products and services goes a long way in making your business flourish!

Create Section in Your Shop

To be extremely successful in this business, you will not just  restrict yourself to one aspect of it, you must at least have all the different sections available in your shop. For instance, you are setting up your shop you must include the hair extension section, the skin care section, the personal care and toiletries section and many others this will make your shop look beautiful and everybody who pass by would want to patronize your shop.



The Profit Margin In Cosmetics Products Business

I am much sure you want to know how profitable this business is before starting up this business, am glad to let you know that it is highly profitable you can make profit as high as N500,000 profit monthly or more depending on how much you invest in it. If you start small, you can make profit of N50,000 or more, so if you have enough fund to finance this business you can decide to start in a big way.

If you directly buy products like the hair extension from the manufacturers, once you meet up with their target monthly you will definitely be rewarded with some cash, the exact amount depends on the company and what they produce.

I believe you have read this article through, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment, share your success story and if you have some challenges, feel free to ask question.

Wish you all the best.

Cosmetics is very profitable and yet requires very little capital to start. If You Would like to learn about cosmetics production and how to make money from it and also how to sell it. Why Not Contact us below;