Fish Farming

Fish farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative, cost effective, easy to run business practices that requires very little capital to run compared to some other forms of agricultural practices. Fish farming in Nigeria is one of the most neglected farming practices in Nigeria yet the opportunities abound. The opportunities are massive likewise the potentials. Unlike other forms of agricultural practices that require you building mighty structures and moving far away into the forest, fish farming doesn’t require massive land spaces and confinement. In fact you can start a commercial fish farm at the back of your backyard. It requires little spaces, It’s environmental friendly, requires little man power and the feeding are affordable.

What is a Fish?

What is a Fish: Fish are a class of aquatic vertebrates. The combination of gills, fins and the fact that they live only in the water make fish different from all other animals and they are very high in protein.

What Is Fish Farming?

Fish farming is the process of breeding or rearing Fish. Fish farming is also known as pisciculture.



  1. It’s easy to run.
  2. It is highly lucrative.
  3. It is environmental friendly.
  4. Fishes are highly productive.
  5. Low in bad fat and cholesterol.
  6. Highly medicinal and used for health related products.
  7. Has traditional healing benefits.
  8. A good export opportunity.
  9. It contains iron, vitamin A, calcium, protein,magnesium and has very low fat.


Popular Types of Fish Used for Fish farming
When it comes to fish farming in Nigeria, there are 6 popular types of fish species/breeds common for fish farming in Nigeria. There are often 6 major types of fish used for fish farming in Nigeria and Africa in general this is due to their commercial viability.

  1. Clarias gariepinus.
  2. Heterobranchus bidorsalis.
  3. Heterobranchus hybrid.
  4. Clarias nigrodigitatus.
  5. Heterobranchus spp.
  6. Clarias spp.


Fish farming is very profitable and yet requires very little capital to start. If You Would like to learn about fish farming and how to make money from it and also how to sell it. Why Not Contact us below;