Hair Dressing

Talk of a business that yields instant revenue on a regular and consistent basis then talk of a hairdressing salon. It is a business that hardly runs out of customers day, noon or in the night. It is frequently patronized by the ladies who take delight in looking good at all times.

They are ready to go the extra length just to look attractive in the eyes of their guys or the opposite sex (men). The business is believed to be dominated by the womenfolk. But recent events had shown guys can even do better. Many hairdressing salons now have men as stylist who gives better service even than women.

It can be started at any available space given the place is neat and well kept. A dirty environment is not ideal for this kind of business. Some steps that ought to be taken before starting this business include;
1. Experience – A vital and important step that had to come first to succeed as a stylist/hairdresser is needed expertise. You cannot rush into it all in the name of becoming self reliant. You only get yourself into a bigger problem because if you give a not too satisfactory service, you are bound to be shouted on, yelled at or given a dirty fight (you know how some ladies can be so naughty).

Take some time off and learn what the business demands. Learn different styles in vogue. There are countless shops out there that will be more than willing to tutor you at cheaper rate.
2. Capital – you need some amount to go far in this business. There are some items that ought to be in place at the onset. As I said earlier it is a business that can be started on a small scale (even at the four corners of your room). Try and raise something to start little if you don’t have the wherewithal for a bigger size.

3. Space – Particular spot to start the business is another area to think deeply on. Though, most hairdressing salon is found at rented shops, you can actually start yours if you don’t have money for a shop. If your room is not big or accessible enough, you can look for any available shed in your area (talk to the landlord where necessary) and start from there. You can negotiate with just a little amount.

4. Dryer – The first item that tells a hairdressing salon is in operation is the availability of a dryer. This is a small cubicle machine that has the ability to dry wet hair in a record time. Ladies hair is placed in it while it is turned on. It emits heat at an average room temperature suitable to human.

5. Power supply – No matter how little/small you want to start the business, you need constant power supply to operate. Light is needed to power the dryer, sterilize items used daily, work late at night and so on.

6. Towels – These are easy to come by and shouldn’t pose any problem. Get enough towels (large and small sizes) to dry wet hair that had just been washed before onward transfer to the dryer.

7. Shampoo, relaxer – Shampoo is a thick liquid used in getting unwanted particles off human hair though, with other uses. The relaxer is used in washing hair before the application of the shampoo. This items is a must get.

8. Nail accessories – Most salons has a section that deals on nail. This practice is referred to as manicure and pedicure. It’s a great money source in the sense that girls, ladies and women takes delight in having classy nails (both on their hands and feet). You also need little scissors, paint of various colors. Not forgetting nail polisher, brush, filer and cortex.

I was made to understand you need at least N85,000 to start the business without a rented shop. If you going for a rented shop at start, then you have to source for between N350,000 – N700,000.

Hair Dressing is very profitable and yet requires very little capital to start. If You Would like to learn about hair dressing and how to make money from it and also how to sell it. Why Not Contact us below;