Pedicure and Manicure


For the recent few decades, polishing nails was considered fashionable. But for recent past NAIL ART became more popular. Modern trends show that not only you must have elongated nail but it must be attractive and stylish. NAIL ART became well known by its trendiest look and stylish appear. NAIL ART is making finger nail images using nail polishes stickers etc. Some people think that NAIL ART is a new generation trend. But it is not like that. The first nail polish appeared in 300 BC in CHINA. These were made from gelatin, yolk of egg, gum obtained from bees and also petals of flowers. But now the whole story changed. Presently nail driers are also available which decreases the setting time of nail polish. These are applied after polishing the nail.

ONE sure thing is that ladies and even men wouldn’t like to go around looking unkempt. Concerted efforts are being made to make sure that one is fully groomed. People are paying attention to clothing’s and fashion designers and boutiques would testify to this. Talk of the hair and salons are having a fair share of patronage. However, the nails are not to be left out; especially for the female gender. Some ladies are even of the opinion that nails tell a lot about the person. This need is what the manicure and pedicure business is built around. Manicure and pedicure is the art of treating and beautifying the hands and feet respectively, with attention to the nails. It involves removing of dead cells, cuticles and dirt from the finger nails, toenails and also the application of varnish to make the nails beautiful.

Start with training- To start a manicure and pedicure business, one must have undergone training so as to know the basics. It is important because basic knowledge of pedicure and manicure is paramount. Such person should have eyes for colors and should be interested in creating beautiful arts. We my contacts to most of the best trainers, Beauty Frame, a beauty shop owner  I can assist aspiring entrepreneurs get an intensive training for one week this can be arranged for the first three comments on this post who are eager to cash in on the business. Comment with your email address and reason why you want to embark on this business.

How to run the business-“To fully start the business, the aim should be about N20,000. This would be used in purchasing needed materials such as nail file, nail remover/dissolver, curticle removal, cotton wool, nail cutter, buffer, brush nail polish and so on don’t bother about getting a shop when starting out in the business.“It is not necessary to have a shop at first because manicure and pedicure can be done in the comfort of the customer’s house.”

Profitability-Manicure and pedicure is a lucrative business. One can make up to 200 per cent profit. A material bought can be used for about 20 people, using a nail varnish as an example. On the prices, Depended on the location and the type of customers one has. On the average,“French tip costs N600; French tip with acrylic, N1,800, repelling of acrylic costs N600; pedicure for men costs N2,000 while pedicure for women costs N1,000.” It should be noted that the business has a whole lot of flexibility as one’s operations are not tied to one particular location, as noted earlier. In addition to this  is the fact that one can combine the business with any other activity one may be engaged in. All that is necessary is making the service available whenever it might be needed. This would include make-up for wedding ceremonies.

Dealing with the challenges-The challenges of this business are few fake or substandard nails can create a lot of problems for the beautician when applying artificial nails, therefore, care should be taken so as not to purchase fake nails and polish. Care should be taken when skin is manipulated and trimmed so as to avoid spreading infection. Therefore, customers should be advised to bring along their materials such as cuticle remover, scrub and so on. “There aren’t much health challenges in nail-fixing, but when it comes to nail treatment, when sharp instruments are used, a customer would need to buy their own ‘cuticle’ or come with their own kit,”

Pedicure and Manicure is very profitable and yet requires very little capital to start. If You Would like to learn about pedicure and manicure and how to make money from it and also how to sell it. Why Not Contact us below;